The Truth Spoken

The Truth Spoken

Our aim is to offer the very best value. We dare say we do exactly this. Many claim they offer the best products in the world. They all can’t be. We have a different way.

We tell it as it is. Searching for the ultimate quality? Then look for brands like Essential Foods* and their equals. Certainly more expensive. That is how it is.

But if you look for value without too many compromises, made by people with unconditional love for pets, offering irresistible taste in each bite, and have an opinion about Big Corp and their impact on our world, we just might very well be your best choice. Truth spoken.

* More truth spoken: Of course, we love this brand, we share the same offices in many places.

We only make products for pets. Nothing else.

We spend 0.l% on marketing. Big Corp. usually +10%. Think about it.

We choose recyclable packaging.

We naturally preserve using rosemary extract.

We believe in telling the truth.

We serve all breeds, mixes, ages, and genders with the same unconditional love.

We donate 1% to charity for animals in need. Big Corp. not so much.

Our simple business model:
88% goes to product, people, and packaging. Rest is for the kitchens, proceeds, and our charity.

Rebel against Big Corp. Please consider family/independently owned for all purchases.

Enjoy a peek of our foods.
Never any undefined ingredients, we promise.

We want to stand out from the crowd, and we're transparent about it.

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